BF Investment Ltd. (BFIL) is a part of USD 2.5 billion Kalyani Group from Pune.

BFIL was formed by demerging Investment Business of BF Utilities Ltd. by way of a Composite Scheme of Arrangement. Under the said business restructuring, Investment Business has been transferred to BF Investment Ltd.

The said shares listed on Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) with effect from January 14, 2011.

BFIL is holding investments in various Kalyani Group companies. Some of the companies where BFIL has significant equity holding are as under:

Board Meeting on 29112018.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2018.

9th Annual Report FY 2017-18.

9th AGM Notice.

9th AGM on 01092018.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2018.

Consolidated Results March 31st, 2018.

Notice of BM on 15062018.

Standalone Financial Results as on 31-03-2018.

Notice of BM on 28052018.

Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2018.

Standalone Financial Results as on 31-12-2017.

Notice of BM on 12022018 .

Disclosure under SEBI Regulations 1992.

Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2017.

Standalone Financial Results as on 30-09-2017.

Notice of BM on 06112017.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2017.

Voting Results 8th AGM dtd 05-08-2017.

Standalone Financial Results as on 30-06-2017.

Scrutinizers Report 8th AGM.

Notice of BM on 12082017.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2017.

Notice & 8th Annual Report 2016-17.

8th AGM on 05082017.

Consolidated Results March 31, 2017.

Notice of BM for Consolidated Results on 28062017.

Standalone Financial Results as on 31-03-2017.

Notice of BM on 25052017.

Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2017.

Standalone Financial Results as on 31-12-2016.

Notice of BM on 07022017.

Shareholding Pattern as on 31-12-2016 .

BSE & NSE - clarification - increase in volume 21122016 .

Standalone Financial Results as on 30-09-2016 .

Notice of BM on 10112016.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-09-2016 .

Minutes of 7th AGM held on 30092016.

Proceedings of 7th AGM.

Disclosure of Voting Rights - 7th AGM.

BF Investment 7th Annual Report 2015-16.

7th AGM on 30092016.

Consolidated Results March 31, 2016.

Notice of BM on 20082016.

Unaudited Results Quarter ended June 30, 2016.

Notice of BM on 06082016.

Shareholding Pattern as on 30-06-2016.

Audited Results on March 31, 2016.

Shareholding Pattern as on 31-03-2016.

6th AGM Minutes.

Outcome of 6th AGM dated 22092015.

Annual Report FY 2014-15

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